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Name:Toby Logan
Birthdate:Jan 1

"I want to know who Toby Logan is."
"You already know everything: twenty-eight year old paramedic who lives off of Queen Street, has the uncanny ability to get inside your head... and absolutely no history prior to 1986."

Toby Logan.

Twenty years ago there was a kidnapping, a fire, an escape. A young boy with too-bright eyes and too-dark hair was found nearly drowned in an icy river, his mother and younger brother lost. From that day on he went by the name Toby Logan, as per his mother's last wishes; that name was only one of the noteworthy things she gave him.

Like his mother Toby was gifted with telepathy, the ability to understand the thoughts of others. He was able to both hear and see them, and this likely would have driven him insane if not for the help of an open-minded professor of psychology, Ray Mercer, who taught Toby to embrace and understand his ability (or as Ray would say, gift).

Toby grew up in a series of foster homes, never staying at any one longer than a couple of years. Thanks to his ability, this time was an education into the human psyche: he met saints and sinners in equal measure, and picked up something of a chameleon nature himself, able to tell people just what they want to hear. His life may have gone very differently -- but when it came down to it, he managed to make the right choices.

Working as a paramedic in the Toronto downtown core, Toby continues to maintain a low profile, keeping his gift a secret, even from his partner, Oz, and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Olivia.

This won't last forever.

Toby is in his mid-twenties, with pale skin, dark hair, and intensely bright blue eyes. He is fairly slim, like he hasn't quite been able to escape the physical stigma of his upbringing, and when not in uniform he has a tendency to wear draping clothing to hide this.

Often, Toby will seem distracted, daydreaming: this is a side effect of the telepathy. He is constantly taking in a greater amount of sensory input than the average person, and this can divide his focus. Overall, however, he maintains an upbeat and hopeful personality; considering his ability, this positive outlook probably says some good things about mankind.

For more information on Toby's abilities and how they may affect roleplay with him, please see this post.

On LJ, Toby was played under the journal name [ profile] listeningin.

Toby Logan is from The Listener, and is the property of CTV; he is portrayed here by the very attractive Craig Olejnik. Toby appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in Milliways Bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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